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OTs - Obrazets Ts (Obrazets TsKIB SOO)

OTs-01 Kobalt

  • OTs-01 Kobalt - 9x18 - (Кобальт - 'Cobalt') is a double action revolver designed by Igor Stechkin and Boris Avraamov. Development started in 1991 through 1992. It was adopted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 1992. Since 1994 the manufacturer of the pistol has been carried out by Zlatoust Machine-Building Plant under the designation TKB-0216. The pistol ressembles a J-Frame Smith and Wesson revolver with its small size, external hammer, and the same style grip. There is a safety that locks the cylinder and hammer located on the left side of the grip. It has a six shot cylinder fed from moon clips, which are required since it shoots a non rimmed cartridge. Before the manufacturer changed, it had polygonal rifling.


    • TKB-0216 - The second version of the pistol once it changed manufacturers. One of the notable changes to the pistol was the barrel. It changed to 4 grooves and a right hand twist.
    • TKB-0216T - A non lethal chambered in .380 ME GUM that fires a rubber bullet. It is manufactured by the Zlatoust Machine-Building Plant.
    • OTs-01S - Chambered in 9x17 (.380 ACP), it was designed for private security or a VIP that would require a concealed firepower. It has been produced since 1996.

OTs-02 Kiparis

  • OTs-02 Kiparis (ОЦ-02 Кипарис - 'cypress') was designed by Nikolai Afanasyev while working at TsKIB SOO in 1972, but was only put into service some 19 years later with its primary role being with security and police units. It is a blowback operated submachine gun with a stamped receiver, and top folding skeletonized stock. The rifle has provisions for a laser pointer to be attached to the front of the magazine well. It is also sometimes referred to as the TKB-0217 Lavina.
    • OTs-02-1 - This version of the Kiparis features an integral suppressor.
    • GMS-700 - A non-lethal version used for private security forces. Little is known about this version but it is speculated that as little as 30 were made.



  • OTs-003 SVU - 7.62x45r - known as the SVU (Снайперская винтовка укороченная - 'Short Sniper Rifle') is a bullpup SVD. The SVU was developed to bring the aging SVD to more modern standards. The original plan was to make small modifications to the platform, but it was later realized the platform needed to a complete once over and they decided to convert the rifle to a bullpup. The updates were made to meet the requirements of the RUssian Ministry of Internal Affairs and first saw usage in the First Chechen War. A new muzzle brake was added which reduced recoil by up to 40%, a new style butt stock with elastic properties to help absorb recoil, a suppressor, new grip and trigger, new iron sights and optics rail, and the barrel was shortened by 100mm. The weapon still used the PSO-1 scope with illuminated reticle, but other scopes could be mounted. The rifle also came with an adjustable bipod. While the SVD and OTs-03 has a relatively low effective range, it does make up with its higher rate of fire.
    • SVU-A - 7.62x45r - Developed in 1991, the SVU-A is a full auto version of the standard SVU. 20 and 30 round magazines were developed for the upgrade. A new optic was issued with the rifle.
    • SVU-AS - 7.62x45r -
    • OTs-03M - 7.62x45r - An integrally suppressed version with Picatinny rails.
    • OTs-130 - 7.62x45r - A Civilian version of the SVU.

OTs-11 Nikel

OTs-12 Tiss

  • OTs-12 Tiss - 9x39 - Briefly manufactured during early 1990s by the TSKIB SOO (Central Design Bureau for Sporting and Hunting Arms, the rifle is based on the AK-74u and features a 7.8in (200mm) barrel. The rifle was never mass produced but as off 1993 several hundred rifles were produced. This rifle is sometimes also referred to as the OC-11.

OTs-14 Groza

  • OTs-14 - 7.62x39/9x39 - The project started in December 1992 designed by Valery Telesh and Yuri Telesh who also designed the GP-35 and GP-30 grenade launchers. The idea was to design a rifle made for close combat based on the AK-74U. Prototypes were ready for testing in less then a year and production started in early 1994. The rifle is an exact of the AKS-74U only in a bullpup config and chambered in 9x39 SP6 subsonic ammo.
  • OTs-14-1A - 7.62x39 - Chambered in the 7.62x39 (M43), it uses the same magazines as the AK-47/AKM family of rifles. It was adapted by the army in 1998 and used by the Airborne, Combat Engineering, and Spetsnaz troops. Had more stopping power then the subsonic versions and was cheaper to outfit because of the common use mags and ammo.
    • OTs-14-4A-01 - 7.62x39 - Carbine version with shorter barrel and vertical foregrip
    • OTs-14-1A-02 - 7.62x39 - Same as the 01 only with a threaded barrel for a suppressor
    • OTs-14-4A-03 - 7.62x39 - Sniper variant with a short threaded barrel for a suppressor and telescopic sight bracket on the carry handle/iron sights.
    • OTs-14-1A-04 - 7.62x39 - (7.62/40) Variant with a long barrel and GP-30 under barrel grenade launcher.
  • OTs-14-2A - 5.45x39 - Experimental version in 5.45x39 (M74). Rifle was never adopted due to the 7.62x39 version having better ballistics out of a short barrel.
  • OTs-14-3A - 5.56x45 - Experimental version in 5.56x45. Never put into production due to lack in interest in the domestic military and lack of interest in foreign customers.
  • OTs-14-4A - 9x39 - (9/40 Groza-4) Primary model chambered in 9x39. Used the mags from the AS Val and VSS. It was adopted in 1994 by the Ministry of the Interior's OMON Special Operations troops.
    • OTs-14-4A-01 - 9x39 - Rifle configuration with a short barrel and vertical grip
    • OTs-14-4A-02 - 9x39 - Carbine version with a threaded barrel and suppressor
    • OTs-14-4A-03 - 9x39 - Sniper config with a short barrel threaded for a suppressor and a telescopic sight bracket on the carry handle/iron sights.

OTs-20 Gnome

  • OTs-20 Gnome - 12.5x40 STs-110 - The OTs-20 was developed in 1993 buy TsKIB SOO. It was developed under the program Blow which was initiated by the Russian Internal Affairs Ministry which was looking for a more powerful sidearm for street police to replace the Makarov. The requirements were to have an increased stopping power and increased penetration. The option to use less lethal ammo was also an option, as well as tear gas rounds. The round was developed by shortening a 32 gauge shotshell to 40mm. The concept for a large bore police revolver was not met with much enthusiasm and only a small handful were ever produced in the mid to late 90s. The pistol had a laser that integrated into the front of the frame and was activated when you squeezed the trigger.

OTs-21 Malysh

  • OTs-20 Malysh - 9x18 Mak - The OTs-21 was developed by Yu. I. Berezin is a 'pocket pistol' chambered in 9x18. Its design was to provide a small sized weapon with high stopping power. The pistol is not gas or blowback operated but must be cocked with each shot. It features a double action trigger, with a groove in the top of the slide for sights. It has a 5 round capacity with the magazine latch mounted to the bottom of the grip.
    • OTs-21S - 9x17 (.380 ACP) - Same as the standard version only chambered in teh .380 ACP. Both rounds are so close to each other little modifications were needed to swap calibers.

OTs-22 Buk

OTs-22 Buk - 9x19 (7n21) - The OTs-22 was developed in the late 1990s by Vladimir Zlobin as a light and compact weapons used to engage targets up to 100 meters (110 yards) away. Its main goal was to be used as a backup weapon for armored crews and has been used in small numbers by the Russian Ground Forces and Ministry of Affairs. It is a blowback operated SMG select fire capabilities with a telescoped style bolt. The SMG is largely constructed of stamped parts to lower cost of production. The charging handle is on the right side and folds out of the way to prevent snagging and features a top folding stock. It was designed for the 7N21 which is a higher pressure variant of the standard 9mm.

OTs-23 Drotik

  • OTs-23 Drotik - 5.45x18 MPTs - The OTs-Drotik (Дротик - 'Dart') - was developed in 1993 and given the name AP SBZ, naming it after the 3 designer of the pistol (Igor Stechkin, A.V. Baltser and A.V. Zinchenko). The pistol was manufactured in very limited quantities between 1993-1996. The original purpose of the pistol was to replace the Stechkin Automatic Pistol. Few OTs-23s were manufactured as the ammo used was considered severely underpowered. Because of this the weapon was considered a failure. The OTs-23 was then used a developmental platform for the OTs-33 Pernach, which did see limited use. The pistol is a simple blowback had has select fire capabilities with a Safe-Single-3rd Burst option. It has ambidextrous controls and an external indicator that shows how many rounds are left in the magazine. The slide and barrel are ported with a built in compensator to help with muzzle rise.

OTs-27 Berdysh

  • OTs-27 Berdysh - 7.62x25 Tok, 9x18 Mak, 9x19 Para - The OTs-27 (Бердыш - 'Berdish') is a pistol designed by Igor Stechkin and Boris Avraamov in 1993 and has been produced by TsKIB SOO since 2002. The pistol was designed as part of a program to replace the Makarov. The pistol did not win the trials and the Makarov was not replaced. After the trails program the pistol saw further development and was used by the Ministry of Internal Affairs starting in 2002. The pistol is blowback. One of the notable features of the design is the ability to swap calibers. With a barrel swap it can go between 7.62x25 Tok, 9x18, and 9x19.
    • OTs-27 - 9x18 Makarov
    • OTs-27-2 - 9x19 Parabellum
    • OTs-27-7 - 7.62x24 Tokarev


  • OTs-28 - 23x75mmR - The OTs-28 is a shotgun that was developed alongside the KS-23. As development continued it was determined the OTs-28 was too costly to produce and because of this was rejected in favor of the KS-23. The OTs-28 was never adopted. The shotgun features a 5 round box mag and is pump action. It was designed in the late 1990s with production ending shortly after in 1998.

OTs-33 Pernach

  • OTs-33 Pernach - 9x18 Makarov - The OTs-33 (Пернач - 'Mace') - The OTs-33 was based on the OTs-23 and was designed by the same people. It has the ability to attach a wireframe stock. It attaches to the bottom of the grip. It has the same burst capabilities as the OTs-27. The pistol was designed in 1995 and has been produced by TsKIB SOO since 1996.


  • OTS-35 9x18PPM - The OTs-35 was designed in the early 1990s by A.B. Adov was an upgrade program to increase the effectiveness of the standard Makarov (PM) pistol. The idea was to create a more powerful version of the standard 9x18. The 9x18 PMM (57-N-181 C) was developed to increase the penetrating and stopping power. The new PPM round had a muzzle velocity of 425 m/s compared to 315 m/s the standard 9x18 Makarov round. At a distance of 20 meters it should penetrate steel up to 3mm thick, should be able to penetrate the body of a car without ricocheting at angles of 12-20 degrees. At 10 meters it should be able to defeat standard army issue body armor. The new 9x18PPM was designed to be fired in the standard Makarov (PM) pistol, but because of the increase of the pressure of the new round it was causing the pistols to fail at a high rate and premature rate. The solution to this was the creation of the OTs-35. The new pistol featured a 18mm long compensator mounted to the front of the barrel. The design allowed the compensator to be installed on standard Makarov pistols with little modifications.

OTs-38 Stechkin

  • OTs-38 Stechkin - 7.62x41.5 SP-4 - The OTs-38 was designed by Igor Yakovlevich Stechkin in, and was one of the last firearms he had part in designing. The pistol was designed to be a silent gun without the need of a suppressor. It shoots the 7.62x41.5 SP-4 which has a 'piston' inside that pushes the bullet out. To get the best possible results the cylinder moves forward and makes a gas seal similar to that of the Nagant Revolver. It features ambidextrous safety controls that allows the trigger to be cocked back in position for a very fast and accurate first shot. One unusually design of the pistol is the barrel and firing position. It fires from the bottom cylinder. This gives the pistol a unique recoil impulse resulting in less of a flip of the muzzle and more of a push back on the shooter. Combined with this and the type of ammo, the recoil on the pistol is very little. The top of the revolver where the barrel would normally be features an integrated laser sight. The barrel unusually flips out to the side of the pistol, where as most revolvers have the cylinder flip to one side or the other. It features standard iron sights as well. The revolver was designed for highly specialized and covert operations. Since its a revolver it leaves no cases behind. Production started in 2002.

OTs-39 Baksanets

  • OTs-39 Baksanets - 7.62x25 Tokarev, 9x19 Para - The OTs-39 was designed by Vladimir Zlobin in 1998 and never left the prototype stages. Its intended role was to replace and become the standard SMG of the Russian Military. The design features a stamped metal receiver, and polymer furniture. It features a right folding stock, and a left mounted charging handle. It can be used with 20,30,or 40 round mags and has a 3 position selector. Safe-Semi-Full.
    • OTs-39P - 9x19 Para version


  • OTs-44 - 12.7x108mm - OTs-44 is a suppressed anti-material rifle. Not much is known on the rifle, but it is of bullpup design and features a rather unique reloading design. Sources say the barrel must be moved forward to reload from the box fed magazine. Reloading is done manually after each shot. It feeds from a 8 round mag. Specialized rounds were created for the rifle to be able to shoot subsonically if needed.


  • OTs-48 - 7.62x54R - The OTs-48 is an updated Mosin Nagant 91/30. It features a free floated barrel, a flash suppressor, a new front sight, and an upgraded stock. The trigger has been updated to make more inline with what a sniper trigger would be. The stock has a built in cheek riser so allow the shooter to have a more comfortable eye relief, as Russian optics tend to sit rather high on their weapon systems. It also has a more vertical grip which is a commonly seen grip sniper/marksman rifles. It can use either the PSO-1 or the PKS-07 optic for day use or the PKN-03 for shooting at night. A suppressor is available.
    • OTs-48K - 7.62x54r - Is a bullpup version of the standard OTS-48 and features an extension on the bolt to make the manual of arms easier to use in the new shorter configuration.


OTs-54 Komplekt

  • OTs-54 Komplekt - 9x18 PM - The OTs-54 is a bayonet used by special forces. The knife has a built in saw with large teeth, an ax, and a carrying bag with an awl and other accessories needed for long term operations behind enemy lines. The gun and blade are the main elements of the weapon system. The primary parts of the weapon consistent of the knife blade, and gun. The handle is made out of bakelite. The weapon can be used as a bayonet on a standard AKM bayonet lug. The barrel is designed to be hot swappable so shoot different cartridges such as the 7.62x42 SP. With the small mass of the weapons and the unusual firing position, the 9x18 PM version was never further developed to produce additional barrels. Unlike gun knives like the NRS and NRS-2, the OTs-54 fires out the front of the knife, just under the blade. This gives the weapon a more natural grip for better accuracy. The trigger is located on the front of the grip above the barrel, and the sights are on top of the weapon. Integrated into the front comb and the rear of the grip. The blade must be removed to reload the weapon. The safety blocks the firing pin to prevent accidental discharges and is on the left side of the weapon.


  • OTs-62 - The Ots-62 is a MTs-255 with the barrel cut down to 7.87 in (200mm) and the stock turned into a pistol grip. It shoots 12 gauge less then lethal rounds and was designed for law enforcement and special forces. It comes in at 5.5 lbs (2.5kg) unloaded. It has a 5 round cylinder. Little is known of the shotgun and how much use it actual has, but I would assume not a lot given the size of the thing.


  • OTs-69 - 45 ACP - The OTs-69 is a bullpup SMG designed by TsKIB SOO in 2012. The rifle was first shown off in 2012 as a new weapons system, but the platform never took off. The development has been shelved. It is chambered in 45ACP but somewhat uniquely has a built in suppressed grenade launcher. The fire control group features one trigger that works both the SMG and grenade portions with a lever selecting which the user would like to fire. With the rifle being disregarded early in the design phase little is known about it. It has a quad stack, 40 round box mag for the 45ACP and can fire in semi or burst mode. It features integrated sights on the carry handle and grenade sights mounted offset to the right.


  • OTs-122 - 45 ACP - The OTs-122 is a prototype pistol designed using 3D printing. The 3D rendering shows it has an muzzle device, possibly a suppressor. An early model was shown off with the frame still in the white. It resembles a HK USP with similar controls. It was designed at TsKIB SOO.


  • OTs-124 - 6.7x51 - A version of the OTs-128 chambered in the 6.7x51 caliber.


  • PP-2000 - 9x19 Para - The PP-2000 was first seen in public in 2004 at the Interpolytech Exhibition, which is held in Moscow. It was first issued a year earlier in 2003, with patents going back to 2001. It with the Vityaz-SN is the standard SMG among Russian police. It is a blowback SMG firing from an open bolt. It features a charging handle that is above the barrel and directly behind the front sight When the charging handle is not in use it folds away similar to how the G36 does. The trigger guard is enlarged to allow the use of large winter gloves and the front of the trigger guard can be used as a foregrip. It feeds from 20 or 44 round mags. It has storage in the rear of the firearm to store an addition 20 round magazine, something very unique in firearm design. It can fire standard 9x19, but can handle the hotter 7N21 and 7N31 AP rounds. While it is not been mass adopted, it is used by LEO and militaries around the world.
    • OTs-126 - A semi auto civilian version of the rifle with a non folding stock, a barrel extension, handguards featuring Picatinny rails, and a 10 round magazine.


  • OTs-128 - 7.62x51 NATO, 6.7x51 - The OTs-128 is a prototype machine gun which Alatau Project. It is belt fed using a proprietary link, is striker fired, full auto only, and has a rotating bolt. The rifle feeds from the bottom, lacks a feed tray, and feed tray cover, which is unique in the world of belt fed guns.


  • OTs-129 - 7.62x51 NATO - The OTs-129 is a semi auto version of the OTs-128 which feeds from a box mag. It is considered a 'marksman' or 'DMR' rifle.


OTs-130 - 7.62x45r - A Civilian version of the OTs-03 SVU.


  • OTs-135 - 12.7x55 STs-130 - The OTs-135, better known as the RSh-12 is a revolver that fires from the bottom cylinder rather then the top where standard revolvers have their barrel located. It is chambered in the same around the Ash-12.7 rifle and the VKS bullpup sniper rifle. It was designed by Viktor Zelenko in 2000. It has a 5 round cylinder. It's been in service since 2014.