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Welcome to the ThinLineWeapons wiki. Lots of info here so check it out.

  1. Yes, everything is in Russian
  2. No, I won't translate them, your computer/browser will do it for you and its good enough to read
  3. Yes I would love for it to be in English but no one is going to take the time to do it for me.
  4. Yes some translations done make sense. I get it, but it is what it is.
  5. Im sorry.

Soviet Small Arms


General Soviet Firearms

  • Russias Battle Arms - The history of Russian small arms, including pistol, shotguns, and rifles


Specialty Weapons

  • PBS For SVT - A look into the PBS Suppressor for the SVT rifles


Space Weapons

  • Space Weapons - A look into the firearms the Cosmonauts carried into space

United States Small Arms

General Small Arms

Sniper Rifles

Grenades and Explosives