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The items on this page represent a compilation of products we have provided over the last few years. Many of these products are available now, while some are no longer produced or are out of stock and may possibly become available again in the future. We continue to display obsolete products in an attempt to provide a more complete research tool for collectors.


RMP-5 This rail was used on very limited production Soviet-made AKML and AKMN rifles (as well as Polish copies). These were special night-fighting weapons manufactured between 1961-78 and were used in combination with a unique long-style slotted flash hider (also installed on RPKL/RPKN rifles). The AKML/AKMN was used extensively by special forces (SPETsNAZ) end users in Afghanistan.

RMP-5 will allow the fitment of any modern AK-style scope or red dot sight, and will properly attach to any AKM or RPK rifle (except for down-folding buttstock model AKMS). It is a complex and robust two-part assembly (as original). The lower anchor plate is permanently riveted to the rifle while the top dovetail plate is screwed and aligned onto the anchor plate. All rivet head locations are made flush with the top surface of the anchor plate and are normally impossible to see in actual images of these rifles in the field. RMP-5 is designed to be attached using standard mild steel rivets, but could also be threaded with a tap and secured by machine screws, or welded into place.

This rail was copied directly from an original example and has been professionally machined from heat treated high quality steel using CNC equipment. It was painstakingly created over a two year period to be as accurate to the original as possible. However, in order to make for an easier installation we have incorporated a few extra time-saving features for the do-it-yourself gunsmith. The kit comes with the lower anchor plate, the upper dovetail plate, three assembly screws and four retaining pins. We are also planning to provide a rivet set at some time in the near future. We also carry a US-made replica of the original AKML/AKMN/AKMSL/AKMSN/RPKL/RPKN flash hider so you can buy the combination at a substantial discount. Do not miss this chance as we have limited the production to only 50 units. Once these are gone, our personal needs have been met and we plan no further production.


RMP-3 Back in stock! The RMP-3 is our most popular replica rail, and is a direct CNC-produced copy of the impossible to find Soviet AK-74N, AKS-74N and AKS-74U rail used from the late 1970's until the late 1980's. It is designed for use on rifles using standard AK-74 rear trunnions. This rail was directly copied without change by the East German military industry for use with MPiAKS-74N, NK and all DDR (Wieger) StG-940 system rifles. Bulgaria also copied this rail with very minor cosmetic changes, for use on both milled and stamped receivers and still uses this version on their current military and commercial AK rifles.

RMP-3 is supplied in a media-blasted matte black oxide finish, and can be purchased individually or in kit form if you need the correct rivets and detailed illustrated instructions. Not only is it fully compatible with all Russian based AK day optics and night vision devices, but RMP-3 will also allow the easy fitment of the standard SVD PSO-1 scope onto your AK rifle. If you want the most authentic 1980's AK-74 optical rail available on the market today, this is the item you need! Limited supplies!

RMP-2 This is a direct copy CNC-produced replica of the early Soviet AK-74 rail of the 1973-78 era. This design was also used on the RPK-74 for it's entire production run. It has AKM rivet spacing, so it will fit any AKM rifle (or rifles using the AKM style rear trunnion such as the Romanian AK-74). It has a 4.5mm rear rivet hole size and is supplied in a media blasted matte black oxide finish. It can be bought individually, or in kit form if you need the correct rivets and detailed illustrated instructions for assembly to your rifle. It has total compatibility with all Russian based AK optics and night vision devices. Turn your RPK-74 into an RPK-74N!

74MP Back in stock! The 74MP series rails were designed for AK74, AK74M and AK100 series rifles, and were precision machined on CNC equipment from heat treated high strength steel, media blasted, and finished in a protective coating of phosphate just like the originals! They will allow the proper fitment of any type of known AK optical devices, military or commercial. These are perfect for applications to projects, replica firearms, and air rifles when authenticity of the design and correct fitment is a must! We offer both of these rails as individual units, or in handy installation kits which include the correct military factory rivets and a detailed instruction sheet which enables proper positioning without guesswork. The rivet pattern on both plates is of the modern post-1978 AK-74 design. For projects using the older AKM rear trunnion, please refer to our other mounting base plates.

Professionally made using the latest technology, these rails will help you finish your favorite project with a era-specific and correctly styled design. Please note that most of the replica rails were obtained through special order with a six-month lead time, and are limited production runs. They will not be widely marketed and will only be available for a short time. You may want to order now to receive your units in time to complete a favorite air rifle, replica firearm or air rifle mock-up.

OLD SCHOOL BMP-1 This Russian manufactured Kalashnikov side mounting optics base plate is a near perfect reproduction of the first pattern AK-74 design used prior to 1978. This means it fits AKM rivet pattern rifles without modification (to include Romanian AK-74's which, when combined with a 45 degree gas block, makes for a fine early Soviet replica).

Used on AK-74N rifles from 1973-78 and on RPK-74N through the 1980's, it's ability to align properly on the AKM receiver will make it highly valued by both collectors and gunsmiths. BMP-1 rail is made of steel and is finished in a dark black oxide.


RMP-4 We still have a very few of these 1950's era AKN optics rails, copied directly from an extremely rare proof marked Soviet mint condition original. These plates were used on the Soviet AKN rifle which was produced from 1953 to 1957. This model of rifle enables you to correctly use the bottom swivel buttstock on your Type III AK-47 clone. The same rail was used in Poland on their AKN copy. This rail is for fixed stock rifles only.

This CNC replica is as exact as humanly possible, and will allow the use of both early and modern AK optics (The NSP-2 night vision device is the original optic used on this rifle). The RMP-4 was originally attached with rivets, the outer heads being ground flush. In photos, the flush rivets are very hard to see. These can also be screwed into place onto just about any type of AK rifle. These are finished in a dark blue with a semi-polished texture, so you can use them as is or blue them as a unit to match your rifle after installation.


MPK2 We have been an industry leader in threaded AK optics mounting plates for some time, and we continue this tradition with the introduction of the new MPK2 system. Threaded optical bases (MTK-MPK screw-on types) are designed to be used on AK rifles that were not already equipped from the factory with a similar plate, and allow the "do-it-yourself" gunsmith to mount standard military-based side-mounting night and daytime optics on their rifles without the headaches of rivet work, or the removal of any existing rivets on an assembled rifle. One of our most popular sellers, this design type uses internally mounted screws (supplied) which are unnoticeable once the installation is finished.

I think you will find that MPK2 is the best and most complete threaded optics mounting plate kit ever offered on the open market. It was extensively revised to adhere to our specifications and features military styling, a new three-point fine thread screw attachment system, and adjusted screw locations (with maximum strength and rigidity in mind). Precision CNC machined from high grade steel, MPK2 has micro-radius edges, exacting dimensions and a factory applied deep black oxide finish that ensure a quality finish and guaranteed fit on any AK optical device.

This is not just a plate, but a complete installation kit. It includes correctly finished and proper length grade 8 attaching hardware, an L-wrench installation tool, a transfer alignment tool and full instructions. The highly detailed multi-page installation guide is illustrated with mechanical drawings for easily acquired factory-spec positioning (using a new and easier alignment method). MPK2 fits all stamped and milled receiver Kalashnikov rifles (AK, AKM, AK-74, RPK, RPK-74) and will be sold at a discount to those who purchase it in combination with any of our optics.

Russian Optics Mounting Brackets with Rings

Made in Belarussia


Although have been selling this popular line of Russian-made optical mounting brackets for several years, we have just received a new shipment which allows us to offer an even wider range of options with newly improved upgrades. All units feature a standard width, cross-notched Weaver/Picatinny rail and the clamp design is fully adjustable for proper fitment on all Mil-Spec type side mounted accessory rails as used on many AK and all SVD-type rifles. They are highly reliable, strong and stable with a factory aligned and pinned assembly which guarantees easy sight zero. As with all Russian QD designs, they can be removed and installed from the rifle in seconds without any loss of zero alignment. They come in a very handsome and durable semi-flat black finish.

A newly upgraded Russian "low-mount" BP-02A Weaver/Picatinney style side mounting bracket for AK/SVD rifles has just been released and features a more precisely centered alignment and an improved throw lever design which positively locks to the frame of the clamp and remains flush and parallel to the receiver when locked for reduction of side obstruction. BP-02 is assembled with a long 140mm mounting rail which provides the lowest and best positioning possible for any optic used with an AK rifle. It can also serve as a low and correctly positioned optics platform for the SVD Dragunov rifle and Romanian Romak 3/SSG-97.

The latest version of the "high mount" bracket BP-01 (MTK-83) offers the same rugged black finish, the new positive-locking throw lever, and a shorter 108mmWeaver/Picatinney style mounting rail. It sits 20mm higher than the low mount version which means the iron sights are completely visible when it is installed. This feature is often requested by some shooters.

We also offer heavy duty Weaver-type scope rings for these brackets, in both standard 1-inch and 30mm styles. We have tried many manufacturers and designs over the years, and in consideration of our customers' needs and the dimensional heights of the rifles and brackets we service, have finally narrowed down our product line to these affordable units. For the price, they offer a better clamping design, a matching black matte finish and superior stability using four retaining screws per ring. You can save money by ordering the brackets shown above in a package to include these medium height rings.

BP-02 provides an extremely low mounting position on any AK rifle while still providing enough clearance for up to a 40-42mm objective lens size, according to the sight used. Using our low mount rings, a 3-8x40mm installed on a Saiga "AK-103" rifle (see image) allows comfortable shooting without a cheek pad. Used on the SVD Dragunov, the BP-02 offers over-the-bore alignment and matching black finish. Positioning is perfect for use with the factory cheek pad, since the scope height matches that of the factory PSO-1.

Made in Russia by Novosibirsk Instrument Making Plant


This mount was specifically made for providing the very best positioning and eye relief spacing for mounting any 1" standard size tubular optic to the receiver of the SVD/Tigr Dragunov weapon. It has the correct angle and height for perfect sighting when using the padded cheek piece used on these rifles.

I highly recommend this mount and after several years of experience in this field, have found no other style to be as well designed and stable. It also has the correct matching black finish and a military style clamp assembly identical to military sights and night vision devices also made at Novosibirsk, which is Russia's premier military and commercial optical plant.

Mount is fully adjustable, and is supplied with a heavy duty, high end set of Russian 1" rings. Although it will fit many weapons, it is best used on SVD and Kalashnikov rifles. It will also work perfectly with the Chinese NDM-86 and the Romanian PSL (SSG97 or Romak-3).

Made in Russia by Axion Motozavod JSC


This is the original factory Generation 2 (low positioning) side mount bracket used on the EKP-8-02 series Kobra sights, and can be installed to any EKP-8 series Kobra for use on side mounting (AK type) optics plates. If you have a Weaver style Kobra and wish to convert it to an AK style model, this is all you will need. These are mint new in factory packaging, and are jet black in color. This mounting bracket sits low as it should, and has the correct universal military clamp design.

It may also be used to make custom mounting brackets using Weaver type mounting rails and other types of attachments.


Made in Russia by ZOMZ JSC

This Russian domestic 4x power tubular scope offers an inexpensive option to shooters, while providing crystal clear image quality via fully coated lenses and adjustable focus. The 4x power and 34mm objective size are a very good match for the Kalashnikov rifle, especially those used for hunting and plinking. Relatively low power offers a large field of view, while the German #1 tapered post reticle pattern is designed to make quick acquisition of targets easy under all environmental conditions.

As a good entry level optic, PO 4x34 fitted to our MTK-74M has the correct eye relief and head room necessary for comfortable use on all Kalashnikov variants, especially those with short military stocks. This optic is shipped with two lens covers, a rubber eye piece (PSO-type), rubber sun shield, metal turret adjusting covers, an English language manual, and a set of heavy duty 1" rings that fit all types of Weaver rails.

Kronos PO 4x34 can be purchased as a separate item, or as a package with MTK-75M AK side mount, as long as supplies last. Since the scope can be adjusted in the rings for a custom position on your particular rifle, it is recommended that you assemble the tube into the mount after you determine the best position, according to the length of your stocks.

This compact setup offers good looks in a convenient package that provides excellent comfort to the shooter. PO 4x34 is a good value and perfect for those who wish to have an inexpensive, reliable optic for hunting, plinking and target shooting.

The first thing that must be done after receiving a new optic for any rifle, is the attachment clamp adjustment to ensure a rock tight fit to any side plate design. In many cases, there are variations in rails, and these must be taken into consideration by the optic mounting clamp design. Please study this link and make adjustments as necessary until you have a satisfactory fit to your rifle. In all cases, our Russian scopes and sights are fully adjustable to be perfectly fitted to any European side rails based on the Soviet designs.

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