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Very rare Rheinmetall produced prototype G3 with a shorter barrel. This G3 was intended for use by tank crews, but it seems that only ten were ever made. Note the old CETME style sights.



  This is an ordinary HK G3A3 with a shortened barrel and a rubber butt pad.


  HK 33 SG1 sniper rifle.


  HK 21E1 GPMG.

   HK 21E1 GPMG with 4x Hensoldt scope.


 HK MP5 A2 submachinegun.


  HK MP5 A2 (SF) with all the bells and whistles

  MKEK MP5K submachinegun rebuilt by Brügger + Thomet to MP5K-PDW .


Various HK pistols, from top left:  HK4, P7K3, PSP, VP70M, P7M8, MK23 SOCOM, P9S, USP, P7M13.


The owner of this collection posing with his HK MSG 90.


HK long guns.