This is a brief description of the Heckler & Koch MP 5 submachinegun in use by the Norwegian armed forces. It differs from the standard MP 5 in that the largest aperture of the rear sight has been replaced by a square notch as seen above.


Shown above is the markings found on the Norwegian armed forces MP 5.

To the far left is the Norwegian government stamp, and to the right is the "N" serial number prefix.

The designation is  MP 5 A2N for the fixed stock version and MP 5 A3N for the retractable stock version.



Technical specifications              Heckler & Koch MP 5 A2N (A3N)



Total length 680 mm       (660 mm)
Length with stock retracted (MP 5 A3N) 490 mm      
Barrel length 225mm      
Mode of fire Select fire, semi- or full auto
Weight incl. empty magazine 2,54 kgs        (2,88 kgs)
Weight empty 15 rd. magazine 150 g            
Weight empty 30 rd. magazine 170 g          
Weight loaded 15 rd. magazine 330 g          
Weight loaded 30 rd. magazine 530 g          

MP5 with endcap

Norwegian armed forces MP5 with dual mag and endcap in stead of buttstock

MP5N with endcap

Disassembled Norwegian armed forces MP5 shown with various stock options.

MP5N with stock options

Wood stock MP5N

Norwegian armed forces MP5 shown with wooden stock.

This is actually a set of G3 wood stocks that has been modified to fit the MP5 for a "retro" look.

MP5N wood

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