The G3 rifle was Heckler & Koch's first assault rifle based on the Spanish Cetme, which in turn was based on the German Mauser gerät 06H (stgw. 45).

It has been licensebuilt in the following countries:

Burma, France, Greece, Iran, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Turkey, and United Kingdom. For additional info see HKpro's G3 page.

G3 with JP-style compensator, Schmidt & Bender 

1.5-6x42 scope and E&L cheek piece/stock extension.

G3 with  Reflex suppressor and Hensoldt 4x24 BDC scope.

G3 with retractable butt stock.

The suppressor  in the above pics is made by BR-Tuote Ky in Finland.

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