P7 pistol and G3 rifle with wood furniture.


G3 rifle with slim forearm and leather sling


G3 rifle with wide forearm, bipod and Hensoldt 4x scope


G3 rifles. Note the different trigger guards.

The lower one is an early version, and is correct in combination with the wooden furniture.


G3 rifle with a S-E-F polymer grip frame / trigger housing intended for the MP5.



G3 rifle equipped with a Magpul adjustable stock, Schmidt & Bender 1.5-6x42 scope, FAB Defense RIS forearm with Harris bipod and a BR Reflex suppressor. The rifle has the latest model S-E-F polymer grip frame / trigger housing.

Also in the pic: Hensoldt FERO-D16 binoculars and Lapua 7.62x51 FMJ match ammo.