The AG-3 is the Norwegian license version of H&K’s G3.

It was produced  by Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk, now called Kongsberg Gruppen AS.  It was approved for service in 1966 and the first delivery took place in 1967. The last delivery took place in 1974 thus ending the production at a total of 253.497* rifles.The receiver, trigger group housing, butt stock, bolt carrier, bolt head and magazine are all stamped with the "crowned K" symbol and month/year of manufacture -see MARKINGS page. All stampings were made in Germany, i.e. the receiver, trigger housing, part of the butt stock and probably the magazines.

*Kongsberg våpenfabrikk also produced 100.000 G3 rifles for the German bundeswehr.



  When equipped with a retractable butt stock it's designated AG-3 F1.  




The AG-3 differs slightly from the original design by that the butt stock is appx. 1" longer, and the bolt carrier has a serrated thumb groove to aid in silent bolt closing.




  It also has an all-metal cocking handle, and a different bayonet mount.    

  The AG3 bayonet comes with 2 different types of sheath made from either wood or plastic as seen below.  


  The Norwegian armed forces also issued a brass collector for the AG-3 as seen in the pictures below but I think they stopped using them many years ago. I think they were intended for use with blanks to prevent pollution during training exercises. They're definitely of Norwegian origin as the NATO Stock  number (NSN) is 1005-25-122-4021. Digits number 5 and 6 (in this case 25) indicates country of origin.  


Other accessories / tools for AG3  rifles include:

  1. Norwegian extractor spring removal tool*  4. Norwegian camber brush
  2. Swedish AK 4 tool ** 5. Norwegian extractor spring removal tool*
  3. Norwegian ruptured case removal tool 6. HK factory sight adjustment tool 

* Both versions of this tool is still in use by Norwegian armed forces.

    **Not used by Norwegian armed forces.