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The SAUER 200 STR is the civilian target rifle that the SIG-SAUER SSG 3000 sniper rifle is based upon. The denomination STR means Scandinavian Target Rifle, and it has been approved by the Scandinavian target shooting associations for use in their competitions. Sauer offers this rifle also as the Sauer 200 TR/UIT, but it might have some minor differences from the 200 STR.


The 200 STR differs from the SSG 3000 in that the barrel has only a fwd. diopter whereas the SSG 3000 has backup iron sights mounted on the barrel. Also it has a dovetail rail machined into the receiver that is of the same type as found on air rifles in stead of the weaver rail found on the SSG 3000. The stock of the 200 STR is made from laminated wood and is adjustable for length and height by adding or removing inserts, whereas the SSG 3000 has adjustment wheels. The early models of the SSG 3000 had a stock where the forward end of the stock was slanted from the magazine and fwd. like the 200 STR, but later versions has a stock that is straight from the front end and back to the magazine.

The 200 STR can be delivered with a micrometer rear diopter.

The SSG 3000's sold in the US comes with a McMillan fibreglass stock.


Sauer 200 STR with a 20" barrel that has been modified to fit a suppressor originally intended for the HK G3.


Sauer 200 STR disassembled for barrel change. The upper of the two barrels is 20" and has a HK G3 flash hider which can be replaced with the suppressor. The lower of the two barrels is an unmodified 28" barrel.

The barrels can easily be replaced within a few minutes.


Barrel changeout procedure: see index page for link.