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Barrel change out procedure




To remove the barrel of the SAUER 200 STR or any other rifle based on the same receiver, you first need to remove the stock from the action.


Image 1.

Remove the stock by unscrewing the two Allen screws indicated by the red arrows. The correct sequence is the rear screw first, then the forward one.

Then remove the bolt by opening the action and pulling the bolt back as far as it goes, put the safety on and pull the bolt out. Then lift the entire action with barrel out of the stock.

If your cheek piece rides too high to allow for removal of the bolt, remove the bolt after the barreled action is separated from the stock.


Image 2.

Loosen the Allen screws in the following sequence: 2-1-3 (middle-rear-front).*

Then remove Allen screw #3 completely to allow the fwd. stock attachment (4) to be removed. Now you can simply pull the barrel out.

(You did remove the bolt first, didn't you?)


Image 3.

To install the barrel, slide the barrel into the action, and make sure that the milled slot (5) mates with the fwd. stock attachment (4) as seen in image 2. The insert screw #3 and tighten it finger tight. This also applies to screw #1 and 2. Insert the bolt into the action and slide it fwd and lock it as if to fire a round. Now, tighten the screws with a torque wrench to appx. 3-4 N (Newton) in the following sequence:2-1-3 (middle-rear-front).* Then repeat the tightening procedure one more time, but this time the torque wrench should bet set to 6-7 N.

(The manual says 10-12 Nm, but I e-mailed a factory official and he replied that a torque setting of 6-7 N was to be used.)

You have now replaced the barrel. Put the barreled action back into the stock, and tighten the two Allen screws holding it in place. Tighten the rear screw first, then the forward one.

Do not use force.

At least not more than can be applied when holding the allen key** with three fingers.


The only thing remaining is to go to the range and re-zero your sights.

Good luck!



*The manual emphasize that it is very important to use this sequence in both loosening and tightening the screws.

**The allen key is of the type that has equally long legs and it is supplied with the rifle.

Note: You do this on your own risk, and if you somehow manages to break or otherwise ruin your rifle or any parts thereof, well that is your problem. If you are not 100% sure about how to do this, don't do it, or pay someone competent to do it for you.