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Bullet Velocities of different guns in different calibers

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Avtomats In Action (Mirror) | Avtomats In Action (Original Site)

Yooper John SKS (Mirror) | Yooper John SKS (Original Site)

AK74 Mag Guide (Mirror) | AK74 Mag Guide (Original Site)

A Mosin Nagant Reference (Mirror) | A Mosin Nagant Reference (Original Site)

Converting Berdan primed brass to use Boxer primers. (Mirror) | Converting Berdan primed brass to use Boxer primers. (Original Site)

Soviet Firearms

A Brief History of the Kalashnikov Magazine | Part 1: Metal Magazines - Part 2: Synthetic Magazines (The Firearm Blog)

A Brief History of Soviet AK Magazines | YouTube - Full30 (Forgotten Weapons)

Soviet AKM images: 1960-1977 | The AK Forum

Type 1 Russian AK: The First Production Stamped AK (Updated) | Forgotten Weapons (YouTube.com)

Russian Type 2 AK: Introducing the Milled Receiver | Forgotten Weapons (YouTube.com)

Chinese Type 56 AK-47 (Shooting and History) | Forgotten Weapons (YouTube.com)

Russian AK Variants and History | /u/JakesGunReviews

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Collection of ATF Letters (Updated 11/09/2018)

International Wound Ballistics Association

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Warning exposure to THR and ARFCOM may result in tapco infestations and loss of brain cells

The High Road | Fudd Forums

ARFCOM | Fudd Forums

Military Firearms | Forum

Gunco | Forum

Cal Guns | Forum For those stuch behind enemy lines

Ak Operators Union, Local 47-7 | Website - YouTube - Full30 - Facebook - Instagram

Bloke on the Range | YouTube - Full30 - Facebook

Forgotten Weapons | Website - YouTube - Full30 - Facebook

InRangeTV | Website - YouTube - Full30 - Facebook - Instagram

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Paul Harrell | YouTube

The Ammo Channel | YouTube

tnoutdoors9 | YouTube

Larry Vickers | Website - YouTube - Full30 - Facebook

Mel64D | YouTube

Recommended Builders

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Midway USA | How to build an AR15

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Pew Pew Tactical | How to build an AR15 - Parts list


Gatewood Supply Co (HK, Sig, FN)

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Every Gun Part

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Rainier Arms


AK Builder

Circle 10 AK

Childers Guns



Legion USA

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RS Regulate

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